Welcome to CaramelDreams                        The Home of  Exceptional Quality Ragdoll Cats 

Welcome to our world of the Amazing Ragdoll Cat. Our Wonderful cats are becoming a little famous and can be seen on TV, Youtube, Instagram & Deviant Art!  Having worked hard for many years on my own lines, we have now produced Champion and Grand Champion neuters. A massive thank you to my Amazing kitten owners, as without you this would not be possible. 

We are Responsible, Reputable & Passionate breeders based in Essex. Breeding High Quality Extremely well socialized kittens, raised indoors to an Exceptionally High standard.  With Excellent Temperaments, Affectionate, Confident personalities and Stunningly Beautiful looks.  We Never compromise on health, socialization or well-being.   

It has always been my Dream to be a breeder of  Distinction, dedicated to giving people the Finest Quality companions.  Our cats are our World, this is not just a hobby for us, it is our lives, our Passion.  We hope this shines through our website.  We are also very passionate photographers and we hope you enjoy the photos of our Beautiful cats. 

Responsible breeding is Very important to us, our cats are DNA tested for: HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) PKD (Polycystic kidney disease) Fiv (feline HIV) FeLv (feline Leukaemia)  We are proud members of the Progressive ragdoll breed, cat breed clubs, Early Neutering and Gccf, Tica responsible breeder Program.

*Grand Champion CaramelDreams Sugar Pie Honey Plums*               

Please Visit the Links below for photos and videos of our Stunning Cats.  Over 12 million views and counting!  http://carameldreamsx.deviantart.com/gallery/     www.youtube.com/user/wwwFrostymooncouk   www.youtube.com/user/carameldreamsx

*Entire website, wording and pictures, by CaramelDreams, if you see this wording on other websites, it has been copied & pasted from our own hard work in creating our website*