As Passionate photograhers, we love taking pictures of our babies! We can easily take Hundreds per week of the kittens for new owners to see them growing up, from the day they are born until they leave us.

We love to share them growing and capturing certain milestones and the funny little things they do so you can bond with them :)

For Pictures of the kittens growing up in their new homes please visit our Kitten Pictures 2 Page. I try to keep these pages as updated as possible!

We are currently taking a break from breeding British Shorthairs, however we are happy to pass you on to reputable breeders :-)

Although We no longer Breed Bengal's, we are more than happy to pass people onto reputable breeders of these cats. Please only go to health testing registered breeders!!

Please Visit the Links below for photos and videos of our Stunning Cats.  Over 12 million views and counting!