This is how A Carameldreams kitten is raised, this page (and this website) was written by CaramelDreams. A few people seem to think that they can copy it and pass it off as their work, it isn't! If you see this wording on any other website it has been copied from CaramelDreams website!   

We are Very passionate, responsible, caring, obsessive Raggie addicts!!  

CaramelDreams Kittens are born into our home 24-7 by my side & raised to an Exceptionally High standard. Working with kittens daily, rounding them into your perfect compantion, years of work and decdication into our cats, kittens and lines, with no expense spared.  We do not Compromise on our kittens Health, Well-being, Socialization or Temperament. Our Kittens are from health tested parents & well researched lines. All of our cats live in our home as part of the family, with litters being planned yers in advance!

We are proud to announce that people from all over the UK have a CaramelDreams kitten! Word of mouth, family members and friends coming to us, to our website, we have people coming back to us for a 3rd & 4th & 5th & 6th Kitten! We keep in touch with all owners seeing them as Kitty family.

 Our kittens have the best start in life, born next to me and mum 24/7 making sure they have all they need. This is not a hobby where you stop learning, I learn, change and adapt my breeding plans all the time, working on my own programs to create the best kitten for you and your family. Mum is fed the best quality food along side Chicken/Fish/Sardines/Tuna and a vitamin paste to help keep her condition, kittens are wormed with Milbemax kitten.

Kittens start litter training at 3-4weeks old, I created my own litter training program, the quickest we have litter trained kittens is about 1 minute, generally it only takes me only a couple of hours! Our Kittens Eat a Quality diet along side mum.  CaramelDreams kittens learn very quickly and are very bold and love to investigate. They are are well socialised with all types of noises, situations, being handled, toys and having their photo taken (posers!)

We get them used to being groomed, picked up & have their teeth checked, ears, all ready for their vet visit, from birth! We visit the vet for first injections. The vet checks their: heart/eyes/teeth/ears/nose/tummy/overall appearance. The vet and vet nurses are amazing, and of course, fall over themselves for a cuddle! We then have them Micro-chipped and neutered, the operation only takes 1-3minutes and they are recovered before they come home!

Time for 2nd injections and next check up, work doesnt end there, its still daily work for us with the babies until they leave us, we keep them for over 3 months, thats a LONG time! Yet, Such a short time for us, remember that you have hopefully 15-20 years with your kitten! Time starts to go by pretty fast by now for us, new owners have had daily emails/texts with pictures & videos, visitsed their kitten. Its extremely emotional for us to see a kitten go, but its also the best feeling ever, espically when people see the moaunt of work you put in and you know that you have chosen the best slave for your kittens! 

At CaramelDreams we have put in years of research, time, effort, money, hard work & sleepless nights into raising the best babies we can for their new slaves. We only want the best for our cats and kittens & only let them go to Excellent loving homes & have the luxury of being able to do this.

It mandatory to neuter All Pet Kittens. Not only for breeding, but also mental & health reasons. We neuter before they leave us, not only does this save you the worry & cost of having to take them, taking time off work, worrying about them in the weeks that they recover, its actually better for them to be done sooner, it does NOT stunt growth or effect personality in Anyway. It merely takes away the need to fight, spray, call, roam & mate.

Un-neutered cats are bigger than neutered cats, less drugs are used in the 1-3 minute operation, the recovery is a few hours hours not days / weeks as with older cats, no drugs or collars needed after. This is standard practice in most other countries, sadly the UK seem to be behind! Pictures of a few of my kittens here after the neutering, Girls & Boys:        *We have a High standard of breeding and health testing our cats, we will not be part of any backyard breeding from them.*


Ragdoll cats and all pedigrees are Indoor cats only, not allowed to roam outside alone, unless in an enclosed garden in which it cannot escape or on a harness with you. Due to their nature they are not designed for outside.  CaramelDreams kittens adore their humans too much to be left alone!

If for Any reason at Any time you can no longer look after your kitten we will help find a new home. We are here for advice, no matter how small/silly you think it might be! We keep in touch and have facebook/instagram/wats ap!

Please send us lots of pictures & Keep us updated!!


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