Please remember if it is too good to be true, it is! Un-registered (there is never a reason not to register) = Moggie. Registered = Pedigree.

A Pet is for life, hopefully 10-20years, wouldnt you want your new family member to have the best start in life possible?

Good breeders constantly strive to create the best pet, giving them the best start in life, reputable breeders Do Not make money breeding, hence why it is classed as a ’hobby’ hobby’s cost money & that’s why we have jobs to pay for our hobby Or obsession/passion! In fact it’s rare that you break even when breeding properly! You may ask ‘How is that possible’? Or 'why a registered pedigree kitten is one price & the unregistered kitten down the road is cheaper?' 

Take a look at our cost of breeding, it may surprise you everything that goes into good reputable breeders kittens, cheap kittens are purely bred for money Everything has been done on the cheap & the kittens 'got rid' of as early as possible with no care for them. Link:

These people often breed their cats anywhere up to 4 times a Year for as long as possible, cats will breed forever if you let them. As soon as mum gives birth she is let back outside/used with their own uneneutered boy, cats can get pregnant within days/weeks after giving birth.  Genuine breeders only have around 1 to 4 litters spaced out in a cats entire Life. A kitten from planned matings is kept to further their lines, show & improve the breed, if you didn’t have good breeders you wouldn’t have any pedigree animals, whether it be dogs, cats, bunnies! 

Breeding cats are then neutered & kept as loving pets as they have been all of their lives. Not conveyer belt kittens, breed them quick & sell them quicker when the cat becomes ill or cant breed anymore, they often make up excuses as to why they can’t keep them but will buy more as soon as the cat is 'got rid' of.

There are many names for those type of people 'back yard breeders' kitten mills' ‘Irresponsible breeders’ ‘the ignorant breeder’ ‘the uneducated breeder’ Maybe they believe that it is healthy or the best thing for a female to have a litter before neutering her, certainly is Not true! They often moan that breeders make money due to kitten prices & they are breeding as they just want to have kittens, which as we have shown just isnt true. 

Pet shops that sell kittens/puppies Buy them from these type of people so buying from a pet shop you help fund back yard breeding by giving them a supply & demand market.  People who say that they only want 'one litter' sell to people who only want 'one litter' & so on. 1 cat can produce thousands of cats in in lifetime down the line if its not neutered. These sadly are the people filling up rescues. That’s why good breeders neuter their kittens before leaving to make sure that this doesn’t happen, or sell with neuter contracts so that the kitten isn’t bred from, cheap kittens aren’t sold with anything as they don’t care what you do with them.

They are let go at 5-8weeks with no vet check/vacs/papers, normally with worms/ear mites/litter training problems, not properly socialized due to be taken away so early, Ragdolls are a slow maturing breed they should Never ever leave mum/littermates so early, just like any kitten. 8 weeks is a made up number as people don’t want to spend more on rising costs worming/litter/vacs/food/vet costs. Years ago it was normal to buy kittens at 4-5weeks old, even puppies to, but over the years the more research has been done that this age is too young for kittens to leave mum/littermates even puppies now leave from 8-12weeks depending on the breed. Take a look at this link for more information:

It is rare that you see a pedigree cat in a rescue as good breeders always take back a cat they have bred (Like a good dog breeder would) to rehome, or they have breeders who also deal with the pedigree rescue side of things & help rehome them. Sadly all the cats in rescues are mainly moggies, people who can’t be bothered to neuter their pets or who keep breeding & breeding. A law should be passed within breeding to stop this, but until people stop buying from them then nothing will change. Please take a look as this great link about different types of dog / cat breeders

I get many calls about kittens people have bought like this asking for advice, if their cat is a pedigree or the ‘real thing’ and the answer is ‘no’ even if it comes with a ‘5generation pedigree’ this means NOTHING without the registration, just an example someone contacted me about a Bengal, the pedigree was fake, the kitten was a moggie, a very expensive moggie! Who sadly was & still is sick. Pedigrees can be made up on a computer without the registration it’s a meaningless bit of paper!

The main advice is not to buy them in the first place. If people stopped buying them these people wouldn’t breed them, Don’t buy a kitten that you feel sorry for, if the kitten survives the journey home, you are in for pure heartache, you are only opening up a space for another kitten to be born and take its place. Thats the long and short of it!

The people selling them will tell you things like 'we just want them to have one litter' 'we don’t have paperwork but the parents are registered' 'we see their parents but no paperwork 'we aren’t breeders they got pregnant by accident' 'no papers hence price' & other excuses, they don’t ask questions, they will sell brothers & sisters together without warning that they will mate each other, a lot of people don’t seem to think they will, they don’t know they are related, they are animals!

Alot of these can often be brother/sister/mum/dad mating’s, which they won’t tell you, some are bought from other back yard breeders or genuine breeders under neuter contracts which they break as they don’t care, breeders often sell kittens to be neutered due to faults or even illness in the lines, these people don’t health test it would cut into profit! It is all about the money & people who have no idea about cat behavior the '5-8' weeks excuse is often that they are so tiny and cute, they won’t be cute when it costs you ££ in vet fees or to correct behavioral issues.

All Kittens actually feed off of mum until 12weeks of age, can you imagine taking puppy home at 4weeks of age? Mum is the one who weans them,  teaches them lifelong lessons & manors. Its littermate’s teach things like bite inhabitation, they need their mum & Littermates for this. Just because a kitten has eaten a bit of food does not mean it is ready to leave mum!

Why would genuine reputable breeders keep kittens for a extra 4-6weeks vac them, neuter them, feed them daily for 3 months or longer in some cases groom them etc if they only wanted to make money? Take a think about it who actually cares about their kittens. You may buy a cheap un health tested kitten but after you vac her, worm her, ear mites, litter train, litter, feed her for 6 weeks neuter her you have spent MORE than what it would have cost you to have all of this done, how does that make any sense? Now this doesn’t mean that all registered breeders are great either, I am only talking about good registered breeders here.

So its up to the YOU to research, the internet is available to everyone so make good use of it!

And an excellent quote from Iceregal

‘Registered breeders breed to improve their breed for the love of the breed and good of the cat’  

‘Backyard breeders improve their bank balance at the detriment of the cat;